Singapore Polytechnic Library Wall Mural

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Large-Scale Display Design

Project Requirements:

Level 1 of the SP Main Library was conceived as the social interaction hub of the library. It is a place for the SP community to mingle, network, and exchange ideas. The overarching theme of the space is Wonderland. The physical space should project a free-spirited and light-hearted vibe and provoke a sense of curiosity and wonder.

As such, the client required the agency to create design ideas to give the space an artistic treatment to bring to life the Wonderland concept. The client wanted a generous dose of colour and vibrancy incorporated into the space through creative artwork and signage. The client also expected playful and even humourous or surprising solutions.

Solutions for Client:

Our designer painstakingly designed a mysterious yet elegant theme featuring the wild imagination of Alice in Wonderland. Making use of the warm lighting to create a surreal maze filled with ridiculously playful elements of Alice in Wonderland, our designer offered a refreshing twist to capture the imagination of the library users.

The design style placed great emphasis on bringing to life a dream maze with graphics simply featuring elements of the story without showing any characters to further enhance the surrealistic feel and create suspense to engage the audiences.


Softcopy of finished artwork for client’s keeping
Communicated with client’s appointed production vendor to ensure smooth installation of all murals.